Agua Lavanda by Antonio Puig Unisex Gift Set 3 Piece, 1 set


About this item

Classic Spanish soap

Refreshing aroma of lavender

Clean and Refreshing Lavender Scent



Lavanda Puig, a favorite of mine, is a classic Spanish product. I like its clean refreshing aroma of lavender — which has been associated with health for centuries. In ancient Rome, those in the communal baths would soothe their bodies with olive oil and lavender. Antonio Puig, a Catalán chemist who had a modest fragrance shop in Barcelona developed it in the early 1900’s and it immediately became a favorite. When he retired, he left the prosperous enterprise to his four sons — who in turn have now left the company to their sons who manage the company together as brothers. I am sure you will like this solid healthy soap.


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