Amano Shrimp (Size S) – 10 Pack


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Scientific Name: Caridina multidentate We are the largest tropical fish importer and wholesaler in the Northwest.  Search You Tube for videos about Aqua Huna to learn more about our company.  We built this store to service small businesses and experienced hobbyists. Beginner, please buy from your local pet store. We do not provide care instructions. All Aqua Huna brand animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee. For DOA refund requests:  Photo Proof is Required. You will receive a refund for each DOA shrimp that you send a photo of, up to 3 days after delivery. Shipping Fees are Non-Refundable. We do not send replacement shrimp. Note: The shrimp are shipped with a sponge. The shrimp may bury themselves inside of this during shipping, so please make sure to check for shrimp in the sponge before throwing it away! If you feel that items are missing from your order, we require that you send us a photo of the shrimp in their unopened bag and provide a photo of the shipping box they were delivered in. Domestic shipping only!  Sorry, we cannot ship to anyone in Hawaii & Washington State. Concerned about a shipping delay? Shrimp can live in the shipping box for 14 days.*The fish and shrimp are picked at random, so we can not guarantee what gender you will receive. We do not take special requests. Shrimp tend to lose their color during the stress of shipping and because they have not been exposed to light while they are in the shipping box. Please allow 3 or more days after arrival of the shrimp to color back up to return to their normal color. Shrimp can vary in color and size. Please refer to the photos we have provided in this listing. A penny is attached to the lower left side corner of the tank so you can see a size comparison of the shrimp to a penny. To send us photos for refund requests, please use Amazon ‘Contact a Third Party Seller’


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