GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks Snow Flakes 30g


About this item The tasty snack for between Disintegrates quickly into small flakes in the water Very popular with shrimps, snails & Crabs Will not pollute the water



Snowflake food is very popular with shrimp keepers. It supplies a constant source of food for adult and juveniles. It is a great source for protein. We’re feeding it as part of our feeding schedule at least once a week. It works great as holiday food in combination with leaf litter. Snow Flakes is made from soybean hulls. It provides a growth media for mycelia. Mycelia is the vegetative part of a fungi. The Mycelia contains proteins, amio acids, fats, and other beneficial nutrients for shrimp. You probably will not usually see fungus growing on the food unless you have no shrimp in the tank as they are constantly eating the fungus before it becomes visible. Snowflake does not polute the water and provides a constant source food for your shrimp, so it’s perfect as a holiday food. Size: 30g


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