Glyderm Cream Plus 12%-1.5 oz


About this item

A gentle nightly exfoliating cream designed to reveal fresher, smoother skin.

Face Cream Suggested For Dry Skin Types

Anti-Aging Cream Treats Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Contains Glycolic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids



Help the skin retain more moisture to make it smoother, healthier and younger-looking with Glyderm’s Cream Plus 12 – 12% AHA Salicylated Indication. Used to continue to improve skin appearance or to keep the results of the in-office applications lasting longer.This product is used to improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin. The plus line which contains twice the percentage of glycolic acid should only be used by those customers who have used glycolics previously and demonstrated tolerance to these concentrations without irritation.For dry, damaged or mature skin.


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