HfireflyK Silicone gel sheeting for the treatment of scars


  • [For All Scar Types]: Our Scar Removal Sheets are right here with you to remove all scar worries on your face and body. The scars remover with 4 sheets included is able to level raised scars such as scar keloids, acne; soften and heal surgery scars, burn injuries, pregnancy scars, boil scar like C-Section area, stretch marks, or several accident scars that remain. Our mission is to help you eliminate unwanted spots as fast as silicone scar gels or removal cream and promote your self-confidence.
  • [For All Scar Conditions]: Whether your scar has existed for a long time or has just transformed from the wound, Our Silicone Scar Removal Sheets Strips can deal with all scar conditions through 4 steps: Moisturization – Repair – Repigmentation – Regeneration. For scars that are thin and new, the recovery time usually takes at least 6 weeks. For old scars, you need to be patient and keep using them for about 2-5 months to see the desired result.
  • [Cost-Effective Solution]: Our Silicone Scar Removal Patch can be reused multiple times by washing gently with water after using. As our scars sheet is made of high-quality silicone that can adhere well even exposed to water or body movement, you can wear it while washing your face, doing outdoor activities,…Generally, with the Our Silicone Tape For Scars, you can save a small budget for other stuff instead of repurchasing too often.
  • [High Esthetics]: You can get away from worries that a scar patch can bother your beauty because Our advanced silicone scar sheet is flesh-colored which blends well with your natural skin. What’s more, the scar removal sheets are designed ultra-light, which would go unnoticed if applied to the face and other exposed areas. So feel free to get a Our Silicone Sheet to not only heal your scars right away but also give you scar removal lotion.
  • [Customer Service]: Our silicone sheets for scars are a great choice for those who want to get rid of bothersome marks in a safe and efficient way. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns or questions about this scar remover product. We are happy to answer all of them


Everyone wishes for scarless and smooth skin. Whether it is the face skin or the body skin, people, especially women, are all upset about making their skin spotless to be good-looking, be clean, and fresh. If you also have that dream, don’t worry, we’re here to help. And in case you’re seeking a concealer tool for your skin, you’re at the right address.
We introduce the Our Silicone Scar Removal Sheets with 4 sheets for blurring and healing all kinds of scars for face & body. We provide you:
– Scarrid scar removal
– Derma scar removal – Piercing scar removal
– Scar tissue removal
– Scar keloid removal
– Scar acne removal
– Burn scar cream removal
– Wound scar removal
– Be gone scar removal
Our Scar Repair Silicone always serves you right, as it is:
– Used for old scars, new scars, keloid, acne, burn, stretch marks, C-section area, accidental injuries, surgery scars
– Flesh-colored, undetectable
– Economical, reusable, washable
– Safe & high-quality materials for scar repair
– Super-sticky, wearable under clothes
– Painless, no side-effects, odorless
Using Tips:
Step 1. Freshen up the scar area.
Step 2. Cut off the patch that matches the size of your scar.
Step 3. Peel away the outer layer and apply.
Step 4: Press gently for better adhesion.
– Only use the Our scar reduction silicone Sheets on skin.
– Discontinue use in case there’s redness or anomaly.


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