One Tattoo World 50 Pcs 9 Round Shader Sterilized Tattoo Needles, OTW-50-9RS


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●PRECISION NEEDLES: These high-quality 9 round shader needles provide perfect precision every time. Whether you plan to tattoo yourself or a friend, precision and attention to detail are both essential. These sharp needles are the perfect size to use as a liner for a tattoo and for filling in your tattoos. Be sure to use our premium, tattoo-specific ink along with these needles.

●PRE-STERILIZED FOR SAFETY: We pre-sterilize each of these 50 tattooing needles for your safety. Rather than using questionable sewing needles for your DIY tattoos, we have created these needles to make your at-home tattoo experience safer and more enjoyable. No matter the style of tattoo you desire, these tattooing accessories are great to have on hand.

●INDIVIDUALLY PACKED: We individually pack each of these sterile needles for your convenience and safety. Our needles are perfectly designed with standard-length loop bars to fit most machines and guns for all your tattoo needs. Safe self-tattooing equipment can be hard to come by. Get everything you need for a worry-free experience from our diverse supply of tattoo accessories.

●GREAT FOR STICK-AND-POKE TATTOOS: Stick-and-poke tattoos can be a great way to bond with your friends and family. Whether you and your best friend create matching art or you just want to showcase your personality by tattooing yourself by hand, these needles are the perfect tools to get you started. Additionally, these 9RS needles are the same quality as those used in most professional kits.

●ONE TATTOO WORLD: At One Tattoo World, we are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable, premium tattooing equipment. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your tattoo needs, you’ve found it. We believe it is important for everyone to be able to express their artistic selves to the world in whatever way they please. That is why we make sterilized tools for your tattoo needs.



If you are in need of reliable self-tattooing supplies, these needles are just the thing. We sterilize each needle in this 50-piece set for your safety, allowing you to skip a step so you can get right to creating. Most tattoo lovers consider their bodies the perfect canvas to showcase their personalities and interests. Tattoos are often either symbolic, decorative, or pictorial. Whether your tattoos are in memorial of loved ones, are symbols of religious significance, or you simply like the ornamental look that colorful designs provide, this tattoo applicator needle pack makes the perfect start to your self-tattoo kit. These needles are great for stick-and-poke-style, personalized tattoos for anywhere on your body, including your hands and fingers. These needles are designed to be compatible with most at-home tattooing supplies, giving you that professional tattoo-parlor look you want. Each of the 50 needles is individually packed to help you avoid accidental needle sticks. These 9RS needles are made with high-quality materials and are the perfect size to create precise lines and intricate designs on the skin for whatever unique tattoo creations your mind can conjure. These one-time use needles make a great gift for artists or tattoo lovers. It is important to note that these disposable needles should be properly thrown away after each use. Reusing needles is dangerous because it can transmit infection and easily spread bacteria. We encourage each of our customers to use our products responsibly. One Tattoo World is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality tattooing equipment. With these needles, you’ll be one step closer to showing off your new tattoo to everyone.


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