Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Adult Dry Cat Food (38 lb.)


About this item Crunchy kibble helps promote clean teeth Backed by over 90 years of research and innovation for a brand you can trust Meets or exceeds industry standards for quality and safety Provides a unique mealtime experience



Feed your fun-loving cat’s needs as well as her desires when you make Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original adult dry cat food a part of her daily routine. This delicious, complete meal offers the regular nourishment she requires each day to help support her happy and healthy life. Plus, to ensure that your friendly feline rushes out for her bowl of goodness each day whenever its poured, it also features the scrumptious flavors of chicken, turkey, liver and ocean fish for a variety cats love.These four flavors combined with four fun shapes make for a positive feeding experience designed to satisfy your pet while giving her the energy she needs to remain an active part of your family for as long as possible. And as a notable member of that family, you naturally care about both her and what goes into her food. When it comes to industry standards, Purina believes your pets deserve the best. That’s why they meet or exceed every federal and state requirement.


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