Rapchel James Wellbeloved Dog Food Senior Lamb and Rice Kibble 15kg




Anti Barking DeviceDo you feel sorry that your dog disturbs the neighbor’s sleep when you are asleep at night?You must be very reluctant to use a cruel electric shock way to train your dog to keep quiet.It’s time to try our Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Deterrents and gentlely say goodbye to those endless barking.3 Levels of Operation Modes:- Low Range: up to 15 feets- Middle Range: up to 30 feets- High Range: up to 50 feetsFeature:- Use ultrasonic to stop dogs from barking.- Sensitive microphone for outdoor(waterproof) use. Can also be used indoors, recommended level for indoor use is level 1.- Safe and humane method for bark control, can be used on all breeds and sizes of dogs.- Stop barking at specific times of day.- Powered by 9V battery – (batteries not included).Note:- Humans cannot hear ultrasonic waves, but precautions should be taken when preparing to use outdoor bark controls.- If the dog starts buzzing when you install, install or hang the outdoor bark control device, please keep the arm away from the human ear to avoid hearing damage.- If the dog is deaf or hearing impaired, he may not react to device.Package include:Anti barking device*1Instruction manual*1Lanyard*1


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