Safetpetz Fire Stickers Pets Emergency Pet Finder Window Sticker Kit 4 Pet Alert Stickers Your House 1 Pet Emergency Wallet Card


♦ YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORRY IF YOUR PETS ARE HOME ALONE – If the unthinkable should ever happen, fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, be prepared. These brightly colored decals alert first responders to the presence of your beloved pets. These attractive 4″x6″ vinyl stickers are the largest ones available on Amazon. ♦BONUS! KEEP YOUR PETS PROTECTED ON THE ROAD – You can even keep your dog, cat, fish, bird, or any other animal safe while you are traveling. Your emergency wallet card will alert first responders to the fact that you have a pet, and who to notify to care for their safety. Whether it been an unforseen automotive accident or a health issue while you are away from home, you never have to worry that your pets will be alone. Every save my pet card is printed on heavy business card stock. ♦ ATTRACTIVE LONG LASTING OUTDOOR VINYL DECAL – These pet rescue stickers will stick to practically any solid surface, windows, doors, siding. They are ideal for condos and apartments since they peel away easily leaving no residue. Easily fill in the type and number of animals that are in the home. You can even write their name in if you’d like. ♦ PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA – Each pet saftey sign and wallet card is made right here in the USA of the highest quality materials. ♦ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – I want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you are not please return it for a full refund.



You never have to worry again about leaving your pets at home. If you’ve ever worried about what might happen to your house pet in case of a fire or natural disaster at your home while you’re away,now you can put your mind at ease. Place these attractive, brightly colored, high quality outdoor decals, on your windows or doors. You can even use these stickers in apartments and condos, because these pet rescue stickers easily peel of leaving not glue or nasty residue behind. Make sure first responders know how many puppies, kitties, fish, reptiles, birds you have inside. You can easily write in the amount using nothing more than a permanent marker. Bonus pet at home emergency wallet card! If you should ever be involved in a car accident, have a medical issue, or have any other unforseen issue while you are travelling, your pets can still be protected. Place this high quality contact card in your wallet. The front is front will immediately draw the attention of any responder looking for your identification. On the back is space to write in the names and phone numbers of up to three contacts. Your card comes printed on heavy duty card stock with a glossy front. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If, for any reason, you are no longer happy with the performance of our pet alert stickers return them for a full refund. What are you waiting for? Click the Add To Cart button now and start protecting your beloved family friends!


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