Spaas Tealights Box x200, 4.5 Hours, White


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Smooth Edge Can Opener:This electric can opener innovative side cutting system can remove the top of any can, the blade cuts along the side of the lid without leaving sharp edges, which makes the cutting better than ordinary can openers is more secure. Suitable for Cans of All Size:Electric can opener is suitable for almost all cans of various sizes, can opener is an ideal helper in the kitchen. Easy to Use: Just put the electric can opener on the top of the can, and then press the button of the electric can opener, the can opener will automatically start cutting the sides of the can without touching your food at the same time. Will not cut into your hands. You can use can opener with confidence. In Line with the Artificial Body Design: Streamlined compact body, comfortable to handle, compact and convenient, easy to use and hold, easy to operate. Electric can opener is very suitable for arthritis patients, without manual labor or squeezing. Best Gift: This electric can opener is a best gift to beginner like kids children and it also as a gift for elder, women, who is suffering hand pain or arthritis.



Electric can opener, one-button start operation, safe to use and no sharp edges, the best kitchen gadgets and gifts for the elderly and arthritis, hands-free can opener   Specifications: Size: 6.69 x 2.83 x 2.05 inches Weight: 6.7 ounces   Operation method: 1. Place the can opener on the top of the can with its edge in the groove between the cutter and the drive wheel 2. Place the can on a flat surface, press and hold the button for about one second and then release, the can opener will start to cut the sides of the can 3. After the cutting is completed, immediately press the button to reverse the cutter 4. Make sure that the cutter is reset to the starting position and the motor stops. Then, remove the can opener from the can   How to open the battery back cover: 1. Point the back of the can opener to someone and hold the can opener with both hands 2. Two thumbs side by side on the back of the can opener 3. Slide your thumb down hard 4. Open the battery cover and insert the battery.   Warm tips: 1. If the battery is exhausted, the can may not be released by pressing the button. Slide the battery cover back and replace the 2 AA batteries. The can opener should continue to cut. Remember to replace the battery. 2. Jars with heavy seams and uneven edges may stop the can opener. If this happens, follow the procedure above to release the canister. 3. If the can is stuck, press the black button at the end of the can opener. Rotate it in the opposite direction to release the can.   Package contains: 1* Electric can opener 1* Electric can opener instruction manual


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