The Original Thornit Ear Powder (50g Medium Size Discount Bottle)


Good for use with larger dogs

Irritated Ears are helped

Itchy Ears calm down

Useful for home with multiple pets

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Product description

We only send this 50g bottle to UK customers. If your dog has irritated, smelly, or itchy ears – Try THORNIT EAR POWDER. Using an old make-up brush or an art brush, dip the brush in THORNIT then lightly dust around the inner ear avoiding the ear hole. Gently massage it in with your fingers from the outside. Do this twice per day for 1-5 days. Customers report changes can often come quite quickly. May also help with other related irritations, such as paws, anus, and general skin itching. Suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits. THORNIT powder can also be used to ease hand stripping hair from the ears of long haired breeds.


Zinc Oxide, Talc, Iodoform, Boric


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