Vetark Aqua-Sed


Veterinary formulated anaesthetic & sedative for fish

Reliable, licensed medicine

Uk manufacture, long expiry dates

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Product Description

Aqua-Sed is based on a well-tried and tested active ingredient, 2-phenoxyethanol, Aqua-Sed makes anaesthesia straightforward – easy dosing with a measuring pump. Aqua-Sed is is also suitable for use as a fish euthanasia product (at 4x the normal dose), which will enable fish keepers to humanely euthanase seriously ill or severely injured fish. Before you anaesthetise a fish check it out first, so that you can plan. Fish should be viewed in the water (from above and from the side if possible), assessing their movements and respiratory rate. In general, fish movements are fluid and seeming relatively effortless. The respiratory movements are generally slow and not obvious. ‘Wooden’ movements, or marked respiratory movements should be viewed with suspicion. The skin in general should be smooth and unbroken, haemorrhages may suggest localised scale damage or more serious septicaemic problems. The scales should normally lay flat against the body. Lifting of scales to produce a ‘pine-cone’ effect may be due to localised or generalised fluid build up in the skin or due to abdominal swelling due to ascites (fluid in the belly of the fish). During the overall assessment of the condition of the fish including observation of its respiratory action, gills may be glimpsed partially. In the majority of cases it will be necessary to lightly anaesthetise fish to examine the gills in detail. The gill can be seen by gently lifting the operculum and perhaps using a suitable light source to illuminate the buccal cavity. The gills should normally be a healthy ‘salmon pink’ colour, with clearly demarcated primary lamellae. Anaesthetising fish is fairly easy BUT still isn’t something to be done lightly. Any anaesthetic a carries a risk, sometimes because the animal has an unknown/undiagnosed problem which causes a problem. For this reason we aren’t keen on the common practice of routine anaesthesia of koi carp ‘just to check them out’. That said, there are lots of good reasons eg. surgery/debridement microchipping handling of – valuable fish, dangerous fish, particularly large fish handling broodstock for stripping, blood sampling, treatment etc vaccination by injection For more information on the product or on fish anaesthesia or euthanasia please visit the Vetark website

Box Contains

1 x 250ml AquaSed with an easy dose pump


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