Visagisto Real Rose Quartz Face Roller Massager for Face, Neck, Under Eyes, Nose – Healthy Skin – Anti Aging – Alleviates Wrinkles, Puffiness – Genuine Natural Crystal Gemstone


Age-Old Secret — Originating in ancient China, face rolling has been used as a prime beauty ritual to help maintain their youthful glow & radiance — add Visagisto rose quartz face roller massager to your regimen for healthy facial skin

Skincare Essential — Rose quartz roller for face offers anti-aging benefits – helps firm aging skin, alleviate fine lines and puffiness, improve facial elasticity, reduce dark circles and under-eye bags, minimize enlarged pores, and soothe irritated skin

Good for Health — Rose quartz face roller is known to aid in the lymphatic fluid drainage, provide sinus relief, prevent headaches, is known to have a relaxing effect, and support better penetration of serums/oils/creams into the deeper layers of the skin

Premium Natural Quartz — Handcrafted with 100% genuine stones, our crystal face roller has a well-built handle that will not break, doesn’t make any noise when being used, and is free of any sharp corners. Packaged in a beautiful gift box our roller is a perfect gift!

Promise of Quality — Customer satisfaction is our primary aim, which is why we provide you with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with our quartz face roller for any reason, we will either replace the product or provide you with a refund, no questions asked!



Assist in the healthful healing of your tired skin, improve blood circulation to support rejuvenation of damaged skin cells, feel the stress melt away from your jaws, get rid of puffy under-eye skin and acne, and bask in a luminous youthful glow with our rose quartz roller. VISAGISTO ROSE QUARTZ FACE ROLLER -Quartz roller is 5.8″ long with a 3.5″ handle, a large stone of 1.7″, and the small one of 1″. -Compact and handy design lets you use the roller anytime and anywhere — slip it into your handbag for a relaxing facial massage on your cab ride, a detoxifying session while watching TV, or to use your time better while waiting for your flight! -The small roller is ideal for areas around the eyes, nose, and lips, while the larger one is for the forehead, cheeks, and chin. -Can also be used on neck, collar bones, shoulders, wrists, and forearms. -Package includes a face roller, pouch, cloth, instructions on how to use and a gift box with a unique design. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1)Wash your face and apply your facial cream, oil or serum (optional). 2)Roll the large roller upwards and outward gently from your forehead, cheek, chin, around the lip to the neck. 3)Close your eyes and roll the small roller gently around your under-eye area. 4)Practice it twice a day for 3-5 minutes, repeating each movement 3-6 times. NOTE 1)The roller should be transferred with just the weight of it pressing on the skin. No additional pressure is required. 2)You can refrigerate the roller 20-30 minutes for a cooling effect or dip it in warm water for 3-5 seconds for a relaxing boost. 3)Use it 3 times a week, rolling for a minimum of 3 times on each zone for best results. 4)Expect to see visible improvements after 2 weeks of regular use. So, why think twice? ORDER NOW to receive our rose quartz roller within 3-5 working days.


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