WestKing Adjustable Dog & Cat Grooming Table with 2 Safety Slings and Mesh Accessorie Storage Basket (Black)


🐕【Folding】 It can be easily folded for storage, unfolded for use when needed, and folded for storage after use, without taking up extra space. The height of the stand can be adjusted to meet the needs of pets of different sizes.

🐈【Sturdy】 The bracket is made of sturdy stainless steel, and the triangular support principle, the table can bear a weight of 100kg. Meet the needs of large pets.

🐩【Storage】 There is a large-capacity storage basket at the bottom of the grooming table to conveniently place pet supplies, such as used towels, pet accessories, clothes, and pet toys. There is also a shelf on the bracket, which can conveniently take and use pet grooming tools.

🐾【Comfortable】 The table top frosted design prevents pets from slipping during hair trimming and grooming, ensuring the comfort of pets. Sponge washers are installed in the parts where the lanyard is in contact with the pet to reduce the tension of the pet being restrained.

🦮【Easy to clean】 The frosted table top is not easy to absorb pet hair, so the table top can be cleaned easily. The black design also allows the hair on the table top to be clearly seen, reducing the hair that is left on the table sticking to clothes and being scattered to other parts of the room.

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Others’ pets are exquisite and chic every day, but their own pets have messy hair every day. When they are with other pets, they are obviously different from other pets. As pet owners and family members, it is the responsibility to keep their pets in it. Only by maintaining a good state and image in front of the same kind, it will have more small partners and its personality will be more cheerful and lively. But sometimes there are parties and business trips, and there is no guarantee that you will have time to send your pets to the beauty shop every week, or you have your own ideas about the styling of your pets, and you want to personally style your pets to increase your relationship with your pets. You can also conduct a comprehensive inspection of your pets regularly to avoid diseases that are caused by carelessness. This grooming table can be folded and placed at home without taking up extra space. At the same time, it has a large storage space to store more professional tools, allowing pets to experience more professional care. The frosted tabletop pets stand up without slipping, and the sponge pad fixing rope reduces the discomfort of pet restraint. There is a dedicated tool storage box next to the support, which is more suitable for placing some professional tools. Easily get professional pet grooming care at home. The hair after pet care is better managed on the table top, and the hair is very obvious on the table. At the same time, the frosted table top avoids static electricity on the table top to attract pet hair. Make cleaning easier.


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