Wide Jaw Nail Clippers – TOP TENG Ultra Sharp Wide Opening Nail Cutter for Fingernails & Thick Toenails


[EXTRA WIDE JAW OPENING]: The maxium jaw opening of the nail clippers can be up to 15mm, which can provide you with a better cutting experience, especially for those customers with large and thick toe nails. They open wide enough to take on any thick nails and are the best toenail clippers!!!

[SUPER SHARP BLADES]: The blade of our nail clipper has been polished by hand for three times, which is extremely sharp. It can be cut very quickly and cleanly and do not leave any rough edge. Their blades are also perfectly aligned, just like cutting your nails with two super strong razor blades. It will cut your thick nails like butter!!!

[HIGH QUALITY]: Made of specialized high quality stainless steel, with super high hardness, corrosion resistance and durability. The nice matte black finish makes our nail clippers look very cool and attractive. It can be said with great confidence that there is no competition in design, style and clipping ability.

[ERGONOMIC DESIGN]: Our nail clippers have a very unique and ergonomic design. They are extremely sturdy with oversized finger pads and the leaf spring can be held by a magnet when they fold up. Ergonomically easy to use with either hand and from multiple angles.

[KINDLY REMINDER]: Since our nail clippers are too sharp, which is easy to go too deep and slice off skin. We must remind you to be very careful when using the clippers. Please take a moment to learn how to trim your nails properly when using for the first time.



Have you struggled with thick nails for years? If you have been looking for tools that can effectively cut thick nails, then this nail clippers will be your best choice.


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