Lancaster County Organic Farms 4LB Wheat Bran Bedding, Food for Mealworms and Superworms


About this item Nutritious, natural and healthy bedding to feed live worms. This bedding is perfect for mealworms, giant meal worms, superworms, and miniworms. 100% wheat bran, created in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by a locally owned mill. No added preservatives! Mealworms provide a healthy, high protein diet for reptiles, birds, and animals.



Live mealworms make an excellent, protein-rich food for small animals, reptiles, birds, and some types of fish. This premium bedding allows you to easily raise healthy, nutritious worms that will provide an excellent diet for you to feed to your animals. Mealworms reproduce easily, so if you feed and care for them properly, within a few months your pet will have a good supply of food that lasts indefinitely. This bedding is an excellent substrate for mealworms and superworms / super worms. This product is made from wheat bran milled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in a locally owned mill and is 100% wheat bran with no added preservatives. It is coarse milled and ready to go as worm bedding. Instructions – In a metal or plastic pan a few inches deep place the bedding and worms, two parts bedding to one part worms. Refrigerate the container at approximately 50 degrees until ready for use. This product is 100% locally milled wheat bran.


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