MyAvenue-Dog Food Bowl & Cat Bowls, Stainless Steel Dog Bowls for Medium Dogs with Non Slip Pet Bowl Silicone Mat – Pet Food Mat, No Spill Dog Water Bowl for All Pets


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✅【ANTI-SLIP/SLIDING PROOF SILICONE BASE】The silicone base serves a dual purpose and not only catches the food and water spills, it also prevents your pet from pushing the pet bowls across the floor. Unlike other dog dishes for medium dogs with non-skid silicone base, we have crafted our base suction mat in a way that it will stick on flat and smooth surfaces. This means it can work on wooden floors, mosaic floors and more! Moreover, our dog bowl silicone base eliminates noise. ✅【PREMIUM QUALITY】Made from premium quality and food grade stainless steel, our dog food bowls are certified safe and heavy duty. It has a non-porous surface and absolute rust free thus ensuring the health safety of your pets. Aside from the stainless steel pet bowl, its dog food bowl mat is made from eco-friendly, food grade silicone and meet all the food safety standard therefore considered safe and harmless to your pet. ✅【NO MESS DOG DISH MAT】If you have adorable messy mutts that are sloppy drinkers and huge mess makers, then our dog bowls for medium dogs with silicone base is the answer to keeping your dog and your floors nice and dry! The spill proof dog feeding mats catches the water drops as your pet quickly gulps the water down or digs on their pet food. It reduces accidentals slips and wet floors because of water and food spills and trails. ✅【EASY TO CLEAN】The dog dishes are waterproof, thus make it a perfect dog food and water bowl station that easily be cleaned and maintained. This makes it convenient for pet owners to clean the dog bowl set for a hygienic eating and drinking experience for your pal. Moreover, the dog bowls are removable from the base and it can be cleaned with normal washing and it is dishwasher safe. ✅【VERSATILE AND PORTABLE】Our puppy bowls for small dog is very convenient to take on the go! This is not only suitable for dogs, it can also be used to any four-legged small to medium domestic pets such as cats, rabbits, pigs and more! The dog bowl and silicone base are lightweight and can easily be carried around in the event that you want to change your pet’s feeding station.



❤️[Make Your Furry Family Members Meal Time More Enjoyable] MyAvenue’s dog bowls are well designed to meet your needs for pet feeding with 100% satisfaction. Praised by pet lovers from all over the world, our products are created for the best pet feeding experience. ❤️[Pet Dish that will exceed any pet owner’s expectations for a lifelong watering/feeding dish should be] This is why we have come up with a stainless steel pet food bowl that does not focus on the cost, but focuses more on the quality, safety and the convenience that it will give to you as the pet owner. We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and valuing your dog means making it easy for them, with our dog dish, you can also make it easy for you too! ❤️[Pet bowls for cats and dogs consists of two stainless steel dishes for food & water] It’s precisely measured to have sufficient capacity per container, each bowl is 20.29 oz with a total of 40.58 oz. Moreover, dogs lack the ability to bring water to their mouth and rely on their tongues to drink up the water and because of this technique, most dogs are messy eaters and sloppy drinkers! Unlike our competitors, we have put emphasis on the suction mat of the silicone base for our dog dish. It can easily be used on flat and smooth surfaces and is practically immovable as you set it down and as your dog starts to chow down. ❤️If you’re looking for the best stainless steel dog bowl set, then you have visited the right page! Product Details: Silicone size: 16.1’’L, 8.3’’ W, 2.1’’H Each Dog bowl: 6.7”Diameter Total Capacity: 40.58 oz (2 dog bowls) Silicone material: Food grade silicone Color: Black Package: Stainless Steel Bowls *2 Silicone Mat *1 User Guide *1 ** ADD TO CART NOW!**🛒🛒🛒


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