Premium Compressed Tissue Coins – All 300 Towels Packed in Sealed Portable Carrying Cases – 100% Natural Organic Hygienic Facial Travel Hand Wipes


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30 CONVENIENT PACKS – This is not a bag of compressed tissues with a ‘free’ case for you to load. All 300 of our coins are sterilized and packed into convenient, sealed, waterproof cases, each holding 10 Premium Homey Product towels. You do not have to worry about your stored coins swelling up from humidity, or about moisture getting into the bag, getting them dirty and filled with germs. We keep your purchase clean, fresh, safe and secure.

THICK, STRONG, BIG – These are the original Premium Homey Product tissue coins and you will immediately feel that difference. They will feel soft and pleasant in your hands and on your skin, without falling apart, bunching up into tiny balls of slime and breaking under pressure at the worst moment. In fact, you can even wash them and use the same tissues again!

EASY AND FAST – Quite literally, just add water (works well with disinfecting solutions as well). Homey Product Premium towel coins are highly portable at just 0.8 inches but unfold into a 9 x 12 inch soft and weighty cloth, immediately with nothing but water. They are compressed folded and layered to easily unfold with no need to pull and knead. You will be able to use them within seconds each and every time.

100% NATURAL AND BIODEGRADABLE – Great for you and great for the environment. Our compressed coin tissues are made from 100% pure natural viscose and contain no chemicals, produce no odors and cause no rashes or allergies. Use them as napkins, beauty cloths, hygienic wipes, facial tissues, towelettes, and more.

TRULY ALL PURPOSE – Throw a pack in your bag, your car or truck, your camping or hiking or picnic kit, have one in your garage, around your barbecue set, in your office desk, everywhere it makes sense. With our set of thirty 10-piece packs, you can do that and they will be ready for you when you need them.



The Original Homey Product Premium Compressed Towel Coins – 30 Sealed Waterproof Packs – Total of 300 Super Thick and Strong Tissues Made of 100% Natural Organic Biodegradable Material – Perfect for all Beauty, Hygiene, Outdoor Needs. Toss one of these packs in your bag just in case. You will have with you a very portable, light, small pack of 10 tiny coins, which will unfold into soft towels. Take them with you camping, hiking, throw one in your car and keep one around your work space. When needed, simply soak a coin in clean water and unfold in seconds!


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