Three Dog Bakery Apple Oatmeal “Woof”er Cookies, Baked Dog Treats, 13 ounces


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All Natural Oven Baked

All natural; no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Natural ingredients provide overall health & vitality; aids in nutrient absorption

Made in the USA

13-ounce package

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Three Dog Bakery Apple Oatmeal “Woof”er Cookies are baked with natural oatmeal and apples. These oven baked treats for dogs have NO added salt, refined sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. We use only all-natural, wholesome, close to the earth ingredients that you can understand and feel good about feeding your dogs. Our products are oven baked slowly to release the ingredients’ natural flavors and aromas and to work with your dog’s digestive system as nature intended. The exceptional quality of our ingredients creates highly nutritious and palatable products. At Three Dog Bakery our commitment to Ultra Premium Food is founded in our concern for our four-legged friends who love us and trust us to take good care of them. We bake love into every bite!


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