Wod Welder Hand Care Kit With Callus Shaver – Heals Rips, Works Fast – For Gymnastics, Weightlifters and Rock Climbing


HEAL RIPPED & TORN HANDS FAST! – Don’t let hand rips and tears keep you away from your workout. Our handcare kit + callus shaver gets working immediately on the ugliest hand wounds and get your back on the bar faster. Don’t let your athletic performance suffer due to injury. Our kits will become a necessary tool for your equipment bag. Value Set includes: Hands as RX Cream, Solid Salve & Callus Shaver with 5 replacement blades.

ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE – We use natural active ingredients to hydrate your hands better than any water based lotion on the market. Nothing even comes close and our customers certainly agree that WOD Welder is the best. Water based lotions don’t provide lasting hydration and can feel greasy and slippery while gripping the bar. Try us and you’ll know why WODWelder is the most highly recommended.

DRYS FAST & LOCKS IN MOISTURE – We use the best ingredients to make sure your hands are happy. Our hand cream contains allantoin, lanolin, eucalyptus and peppermint oils. All ingredients help to add or lock in moisture, making your hands less prone to rips in the first place. Lanolin is especially good at that. Allantoin helps cell regeneration, speeding recovery from tears. Essentials oils, peppermint, and eucalyptus help this system and provide a great scent. Absorbs quickly and drys fast.

CHALK USERS NEED THIS – The WOD Welder Hand Care system counteracts the drying effects of chalk. Using chalk absorbs the moisture on your hands, giving you a great grip. Daily use drys your hands out, making them prone to dry cracking, shreds and tears. Dry skin tears easily from the grinding your hands take on the bar, the kettlebells, ropes, your endless pull ups. Protect your hands, push yourself harder and take fewer off days with WOD Welder. Your spouse may want to hold you hand again, too!

MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Buy one for yourself and one for your friend, workout partner or spouse and save! Check out our promotions below to take advantage of the discounts we provide for larger quantities! Be the hero of your gym or box by showing everyone the WOD Welder Hand Care Value Pack and all of its amazing benefits.



BEST NATURAL SKINCARE FOR ATHLETES Welcome to w.o.d.welder, the home of hand-repairing skincare for athletes. We’re passionate about helping your calluses so that you can get the best workout possible. Speaking from personal experience, we know that sore hands and torn skin can be a real hindrance to progress; our aim is to eliminate this problem with specialized hand care for athletes. Torn Hands – that’s how we got started. We started w.o.d.welder as a result of being fed up with our own torn hands. Every time after an intense few days of workouts, our hands were torn to pieces, which made us frustrated and prevented us from completing our workouts. In an effort to try and fix our ripped hands, we sampled a traditional salve from a local company. Once we realized that our skin was mending overnight, we asked them to work on a custom version specifically for athletes. Thank you so much for taking the time to browse our products – we really hope they can help you push on with your workouts no matter how hard you work. Hand injuries can start to become a thing of the past as we begin to make your fitness routines more enjoyable and safe. We are athletes through and through; heart and mind. We work hard every day to make our hand repair cream and skin products better and stronger (like we do our muscles too!) and filter this philosophy into our company and hand repair products. – The w.o.d.welder Crew


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